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Murphy Anderson (1926 – 2015) was one of the most skillful pencilers and inkers of his generation and helped define the look of the Silver Age incarnations of such characters as the Flash, Adam Strange, Hawkman, Batman, the Atom and, perhaps most famously of all, Superman over penciller Curt Swan, with whom Anderson frequently collaborated.

Known primarily as an inker, Anderson drew the Buck Rogers comic strip for newspapers and, in addition to the above mentioned characters, also worked on The Spectre and the Justice League of America.

Inducted into the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1988, Anderson’s numerous other honors include the 1962 Alley Award for Best Inker, a 1963 Alley for his work on The Justice League of America and two 1964 Alley Awards for Best Inking Artist and for Best Comic Book Cover (inking over Carmine Infantino’s pencils on Detective Comics #329).  The following year, Anderson won three more Alley Awards, again for Best Inking Artist and Best Comic Book Cover (The Brave and the Bold #61, which he both penciled and inked), as well as for Best Novel along with writer Gardner Fox in Showcase #55.

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