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Alley Award winner, twice awarded the Shazam award, and mentor/inspiration to a generation of comics creators, Dick Giordano (1932-2010) was an artist, inker, editor and ultimately became the Vice President/Executive Editor at DC Comics. He is perhaps best known for his work on Batman but his contribution to comics in general cannot be overstated.

He began his career at Charlton Comics in 1952, worked his way up to editor, and brought in new talent (such as Jim Aparo and Denny O’Neil who he would later bring to DC). In 1968, at the suggestion of Steve Ditko, Irwin Donefeld and Carmine Infantino hired Giordano. One of his first assignments was editing Ditko’s creation Hawk & Dove for Showcase #75. He went on to ink Neal Adams classic run on Green Lantern/Green Arrow.

He left DC for a time, drawing The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu for Marvel’s black & white magazine, Dracula in Monsters, and several other projects before returning to DC. He went on to be the editorial force behind not only such works as Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen in the 1980’s but his hand can also be seen in everything from DC’s landmark Crisis on Infinite Earths to the company’s revamp of characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and the Justice League. He was also instrumental in helping to develop DC’s popular Vertigo line of books and bringing in such British talent as Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

After leaving DC in 1993 and continuing on in to the early 2000’s Giordano illustrated a graphic adaptation of Modesty Blaise, helped launch Future comics, illustrated several European and Australian comics featuring Lee Falk’s classic character the Phantom, and completed with writer Roy Thomas their Dracula comic originally began in the 1970’s but left unfinished when Marvel canceled their magazine-sized monster comics line. His last published work appeared in, appropriately enough, a DC comic- Johan Hex #51, published in March 2010.

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