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Carmine Infantino (1925 – 2013) is one of the true legends of the comic’s biz. In addition to being one of the most prolific cover artists of DC’s Silver Age, Infantino is credited with a host of distinctions. He drew Green Lantern and the Flash during the Golden Age and co-created Black Canary. He designed the look for Barry Allen and as such is the very first artist to draw the Silver Age Flash for Showcase #4- credited with launching the Silver Age of Comics. His artwork is generally regarded as the very best to ever grace the covers and pages of The Flash. He also drew Superman #199, the first Superman/Flash race and the issue that set the stage for the numerous such races that followed.

While not as popular as Super Heroes, Infantino’s work in the sci-fi genera of comics holds two important distinctions. First, his work on Adam Strange in Mystery in Space outsold all other Sci-Fi comics before or since with the exception of one title- Star Wars (and, secondly, it was Infantino himself who, as the artist drawing the early Star Wars comics for Marvel, helped the series beat his own earlier record on Mystery in Space).

He also made significant contributions to the Batman mythos. He designed and was the first artist to draw Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, creating the Silver Age character that would go on to appear in the hugely popular Adam West and Burt Ward TV show. He also created one of the most enduring Batman villains to come out of the Silver Age, Poison Ivy. Ultimately, Infantino is credited with saving the Batman line of comics itself from cancellation with his “new look” Batman, re-designed Batmobile and other Bat gadgets.

His other credits include Airboy, JLA, Spider-Woman, Suberboy, Charlie Chan, and other titles too numerous to list. He became editor, publisher, and ultimately president of DC Comics.

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