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Born Manuel Perez Clemente, artist Sanjulián (1941 – ) studied at the Belles Arts of Sant Jordi in Spain.  Known for his uncanny ability to render realistic likenesses, Sanjulian began his career in 1961 at Selecciones Ilustradas, a prominent European art agency. In 1970, Sanjulian began providing artwork to US clients.

While perhaps best known for his work for Warren on such titles as Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella Sanjulian boasts an impressive list of other credits, including numerous novel covers for such characters as Conan and Tarzan as well as covers for  Harlequin Romances.  His other magazine credits include covers for Famous Monsters of Filmland, Heavy Metal, Realms of Fantasy, and Atomika.  His Sword’s Edge: Paintings Inspired by the Works of Robert E. Howard, is a fantastic visual journey into Howard’s imagination.

Sanjulián has justly been called “an artist’s artist” Honored by the Society of Illustrators, his stunning pantings (with their vibrant use of colors) makes him one of the foremost illustrators of modern times.

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