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Filipino-American artist Ernesto Chan (1940 – 2012), better known as Ernie Chan (and sometimes as Ernie Chua), drew for both DC and Marvel Comics on a variety of titles. He came to the US in 1970, became a US citizen in 1976, and first broke into the American comics industry illustrating some of DC’s classic horror/mystery format books, including The Unexpected, The House of Mystery, Ghosts and Weird War Tales.

He studied under John Buscema at Marvel, inking his work on Conan and later inking the work of John’s brother, Sal Buscema, on The Incredible Hulk. He went on to pencil several Conan issues of his own. Other notable works include Tom Sutton’s Doc Strange, Kull the Destroyer, Powerman, Kamandi, Batman, Claw, and Detective Comics. He also illustrated some, if not all, of DC’s mini comic books that were inserted into packages of the popular Super Powers line of action figures.

Chan passed away on May 16, 2012 after year-long battle against cancer.

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