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A fan of comics since childhood, Jerry Ordway (1957 – ) published his first story, “The Messenger” in Tim Corrigan’s Superhero Comics #4 in 1975.  Soon followed by his own self-published fanzine Okay Comix, it wasn’t long before Ordway started inking for DC.

Inking Weird War Tales, Mystery in Space and other titles over the pencils of such industry veterans as Carmine Infantino, Trevor Von Eeden, Joe Staton and Dave Cockrum, Ordway went on to illustrate All Star Squadron and to co-create with writer Roy Thomas Infinity, Inc.

Ordway also inked DC’s landmark Crisis on Infinite Earths and, along with writer Marv Wolfman and writer/artist John Byrne, helped revamp Superman in the wake of Crisis. As the primary artist on the newly titled The Adventures of Superman (picking up with the numbering where the original Superman title left off before Byrne’s Man of Steel mini-series), Ordway’s beautifully illustrated Superman was powerful and harkened back to the characters Golden Age roots.

His work on Superman made him the perfect artist for DC’s reintroduction of the only other comics character during the Golden Age to outsell the Man of Steel- Captain Marvel. In his The Power of SHAZAM! graphic novel, Ordway both wrote and painted the story.  A success, it paved the way for Ordway’s ongoing series of the same title.

Ordway would go on to ink Zero Hour: Crisis in Time and his work has also appeared in numerous Marvel comics, including work on such characters as the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Captain America, and The Hulk.

More recently, he provided the artwork for the flashback scenes in Geoff Johns’ Infinite Crisis, illustrated The Brave and the Bold relaunch series (issues #11-13), provided work on the Justice Society of America series in 2008 and worked on the Challengers of the Unknown storyline appearing in DC Universe Presents.

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