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Mike Mignola (1960 – ) is a graduate of the California College of the Arts with a BFA in Illustration. His first published work appeared in The Comic Reader #183 with an illustration of Red Sonja and his first cover, also for The Comics Reader, featured Dominic Fortune, The Spirit, and Doc Savage.

Beginning in 1983 he started as an inker at Marvel Comics on both Daredevil and Power Man and Iron Fist. He went on to work on The Incredible Hulk, Alpha Flight, Rocket Raccoon, The X-Men and other titles as well as projects for DC (including the Cosmic Odyssey miniseries and covers for Batman: A Death in the Family). In what would come to be considered the first Elseworlds story Mignola, with writer Brian Augustyn, created Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. Set in 1889, the story pitted Victorian-Era Dark Knight against Jack the Ripper.

Mignola’s artistic style changed and developed considerably through this period becoming one of the most readily recognizable in the industry. Alan Moore described this style as “German expressionism meets Jack Kirby.” And its ultimate expression is found in Mignola’s creator-owned series Hellboy.

Mignola published his first Hellboy story, The Seed of Destruction, in 1994. Released by Dark Horse and scripted by John Byrne, Mignola would eventually start writing the stories as well as illustrating them. Currently, Duncan Fegredo draws the interiors though Mignola still provides the covers and stories.

Hellboy went on to become one of the most successful of Dark Horse Comics titles. And with multiple comic series, animated features, toy and merchandise lines, novels, video games, card games, and HeroClix as well as two major motion pictures starring Ron Perlman, Hellboy is also one of the most successful independent publisher characters in the industries history.

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