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A true gentleman and humble though amazing (no pun intended) artist, John Romita Sr. (1930- ) is regarded by many as the definitive Spider-Man artist and is one of the few industry talents deserving of the title of “legend.”

His first published comic work- which he drew as an un-credited ghost artist- appeared in 1949. For the next 9 years he worked at Timely for Stan Lee but left the company in 1958 to work for DC. He drew romance stories there for the next 8 years, a period he describes as boring, even “maddening.” Romita went back to work for Stan Lee – once the popularity of the romance comics began to die out – and received his first superhero assignment at Marvel- Daredevil.

Six months later, after Steve Ditko left the title, he took on The Amazing Spider-Man for its 39th issue. From that point forward Romita drew Marvel’s most popular hero for the next three decades in comics, newspapers, promotional material, trading cards, advertisements, and more. And though he drew countless other heroes for Marvel over the years- the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Ka-Zar, and the Avengers to name but a few – no other artist, before or since, is more closely associated with Spider-Man than John Romita, Sr.

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