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Acknowledged as the Master of the Macabre, no other name in comics conjures up more images of the horrifying than that of the legendary Bernie Wrightson (1948 – 2017).  Inspired after meeting Frank Frazetta at a New York Comic convention, Wrightson soon submitted his work to Dick Giordano at DC Comics and was quickly given a freelance assignment. His first published comics work, “The Man who Murdered Himself,” appeared in House of Mystery #179 in 1969.

Wrightson would go on to produce numerous stories and covers for that classic horror series as well as its sister title, House of Secrets. He also drew The Shadow, Weird Mystery Tales, JLA: The Weird, Batman: The Cult, Batman/Aliens and, of course, Swamp Thing. He has also drawn both Chamber of Darkness and Tower of Shadows for Marvel. Most recently, Wrightson’s work has graced the pages of Dead, She Said and Doc Macabre.

While Wrightson’s comic work alone has cemented his reputation as the aforementioned Master of the Macabre, he has also produced numerous illustrations for Hollywood and adapted several horror novel classics – including many works of Edgar Allan Poe – into graphic form. He is, however, perhaps best known for his stunning adaptation of Mary Shelly’s classic horror novel, Frankenstein, a project on which he spent seven years drawing fifty meticulous scenes from the novel. To his fans delight, he revisited the Monster in IDW’s Frankenstein Alive, Alive! series with writer Steve Niles in 2012.

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