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Joe Staton (1948 – ) is a forty-plus year veteran artist and has worked on such characters as Green Lantern, E-Man, Guy Gardner, Hulk, Superman, Batman, Huntress, Showcase, and Johnny Quest.

Staton got his start with Charlton Comics in 1971 where he illustrated E-Man. He is perhaps best known, however, for his work at DC. In the mid-1970’s, Paul Levitz hired him to work on a revival of All-Star Comics‘ Justice Society of America. He would go on to illustrate Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes, The Doom Patrol, Metal Men, and, while on his first Green Lantern run, the Omega Men (co-created with writer Marv Wolfman).

In the early 1980’s, Staton left DC to become the art director for First Comics. But Staton soon returned to DC and again illustrated Green Lantern, this time with writer Steve Englehart. Under a new title – The Green Lantern Corps, Staton co-created the popular powerhouse and Green Lantern trainer Kilowog.

Most recently, Staton’s work includes Scooby Doo, Richie Rich, Casper the Friendly Ghost and the Dick Tracy comic Strip. He won an Eisner Award in 1998 for World’s Finest: The Superman-Batman Adventure.

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