COLLECTIBLES COMIC ART FOR SALEPROVENANCE: In order to stay ahead of the collectables market curve and offer the security and piece of mind that a mere paper COA does not and cannot provide, Vault Collectibles now offers certification through Collectors Proof.  As always, all autographed items offered on our website were either purchased directly from the signer or were personally witnessed being signed by the artist, writer, creator or celebrity in question by either Eric Zinkann or Jeff O’Bryant. No third-party is involved and we do not authorize representatives to witness in our place. Further, art sketches – and most published pieces of original artwork we sell – were obtained directly from the artists themselves.To provide this guarantee to our clients – and especially those who desire said guarantee in written form, we use Collectors Proof.  Upon your request (at the time of purchase) we will upload the item details to Collectors Proof, which will generate and assign the item a digital (and permanent) alpha-numeric code (“signature”) linked to the primary photo as well as a snapshot of the complete item description screen directly from our website.  This offers a level of authentication and piece of mind that a mere printed certificate with an easily forged signature cannot).  Once the item has an entry on Collectors Proof the “title” (ownership) of the item can then be transferred from Vault Collectibles to the client.  Not only is this a record of the guarantee of the authenticity of the item, traceable back to its original source, but it also maintains a permanent web-based record of ownership accessible from any computer with internet access.  It also allows the current owner to print out a hardcopy of a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), if desired, but without the need of actually having to protect physical paper certificates from loss or possible destruction as the documentation is permanently maintained and available online.This service is available upon request and free of charge for any items on our website that are not already independently verified for authenticity (such as CGC Signature Series Comics or pack-pulled signature cards), items that come with independent provenance from another source (which, if that is the case, will be noted in the item description) or items that are not in need of any authentication (such as collectibles that are not signed, or are not original artwork, etc).  Please note- the guarantee that we sell only signatures personally witnessed by either Eric Zinkann or Jeff O’Bryant stands regardless of whether or not you opt for the authentication service through Collectors Proof. Please note, the request for Collectors Proof service must be made at the time of purchase.

SHIPPING TIMES: Your item(s) will be sent out to you ASAP upon receipt of payment (generally within 5 business days) and will be packaged with the utmost care. If an item is a gift or you need it to arrive quickly for another reason, please advise in advance and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

SHIPPING, HANDLING AND INSURANCE: We generally use Priority Mail for most items though Express Mail is sometimes used. Shipping prices are specified for each item. Multiple purchases will receive combined shipping and the total will be calculated at checkout. To protect both you and ourselves from the postal carriers neglect or mistreatment of a package we, in addition to superior packaging techniques, include tracking automatically and also insure certain more costly items. If damaged, please note that it is the responsibility of the buyer to file a claim with the carrier. We are happy to assist in any way we can but the carrier will insist upon seeing the damaged merchandise along with the box it was shipped in as well as all the packaging material used to protect it (so please be sure not to discard them), which you have in hand. Concerning Sideshow items, if damaged it may be possible, if Sideshow is not sold out of the item, to obtain a replacement. If, however, Sideshow is sold out and a replacement is not available an insurance claim with the carrier will have to be filed. No exceptions, all items are sold as is and all sales are final.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: All international packages ship via USPS Priority (if less than $250, including shipping) or USPS Express (if more than $250, including shipping). Please be aware that we cannot falsify customs forms by declaring a lower value than the actual price (this is not only illegal and can result in fines or worse for both parties concerned but also would prevent the item from being insured for the full value). Also, please be aware there may be customs fees, duties, taxes, etc. that your government may impose upon you before they will release the package to you. These customs fees, duties, taxes, etc, are the responsibility of the buyer.  Please also be aware that with international packages, USPS may sometimes release the package to a local carrier for the final delivery of the item to the buyer.  If that is the case it is the responsibility of the buyer to, if necessary, make arrangements for the delivery of the package, for it to be signed for upon delivery, provide instructions to the carrier where to leave the package, etc.

REGARDING CGC CASES: CGC is an independent, third-party grading service that grades and then encapsulates comic books. This encapsulation process has potential inherent results. These include, but are not limited to, either the left, right, or both sides of the outer case not being sealed completely, an appearance of waviness, or the existence of Newton’s Rings (an interference pattern created by the reflection of light between two surfaces) that can appear and are frequently mistaken for moisture or oil inside the case (in actuality, this effect is between the inner softer plastic shell and the outer, hard plastic shell and are not on the book itself). These and other results can occur during the encapsulation process. These effects, however, do not in any way affect the book itself or its designated grade. These inherent features of CGC cases can be difficult if not impossible to see in a photo or scan of the book and VaultCollectibles is not responsible in any way for said issues with CGC cases. Additionally, but not limited to, there can also occur, during shipping, small pieces of loose plastic left over from the encapsulation process to jar loose and rattle around inside the case. It is even possible for the inner soft plastic case that holds the book to become somewhat loose during the shipping process and slightly move inside the outer, hard plastic case. As the CGC book is tightly encapsulated inside the soft plastic case, this will not result in damage to the book. Any such encapsulation issue is part and parcel to comics graded by CGC and VaultCollectibles is not responsible in any way for such issues as the buyer is purchasing the comic book itself in the designated grade and the buyer shall agree that the case exists to protect the book, guaranteeing the integrity and validity of its assigned grade and that no guarantee as to the esthetics of the case itself exists. Obviously, if the CGC case is damaged during shipping – such as the case itself arriving cracked – an insurance claim with USPS will be filed for funds sufficient to ship the book to CGC for re-encapsulation and return shipping to the buyer. If the book is actually damaged, the insurance claim will cover the full value of the book. Once the claim is processed and paid, these funds will then be sent to the buyer. If you are sensitive to any of the above outlined issues regarding CGC cases (poorly sealed sides, Newton’s Rings, general imperfections in the plastic case, slight movement of the interior soft-plastic case inside the outer shell, etc.) please contact us before purchasing.