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A dynamic personality whose passion and beliefs shine through in his work, Billy Tucci (1966 – ), like many great comic talents that came before him, was born in New York. Comic fans first took note of his creator-owned character Shi (young Ana Ishikawa), a story grounded in both historical and mythological Japan. Shi stayed on Wizard’s Top Ten Comic list for over two years running (a record unbroken to this day) and fans have clamored for more from Tucci ever since.

His works includes numerous projects for DC and Marvel, including Heroes for Hire, stories for DC’s Holiday and Halloween specials, Jonah Hex, and Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion. Described by Tucci as a “labor of love” (and based on historical events), in creating The Lost Battalion Billy visited the actual battlefields, participated in a reenactment (where he assumed the role of a war correspondent) and interviewed surviving campaign veterans.

Recently, Tucci published A Child is Born, a faithful retelling in graphic form of the birth of Christ from the Gospels.

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