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Best known for his work on Avengers Forever, X-Men and Green Lantern, Spanish comic artist Carlos Pacheco (1961 – ) first gained attention in the United States for his work on Marvel UK’s Dark Guard mini-series. Earlier, Pacheco work appeared in Planeta Comics, an imprint of the European publisher Planeta De Agostini, mostly illustrating covers and pin-ups for Spanish editions of Marvel Comics. Along with writer Rafael Marin, Pacheco created the Spanish superheroes Iberia Inc and Tríada Vértice.

In addition to the Avengers, X-Men and Green Lantern Pacheco’s work has graced the pages and covers of such characters as Superman, the Fantastic Four, the Justice League and the Justice Society, Bishop, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, and Batman. His work is most frequently inked by fellow Spanish artist/inker Jesus Merino, their collaborations beginning with the Avengers Forever series.

Most recently, Pacheco signed an exclusive contract with Marvel.

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