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While not credited as an artist for the British publishing house DC Thomson, James H.P. Green nevertheless worked as a comics illustrator for the company at least during the years of 1962 and 1963, possibly for much longer.

A photographer, war artist, and detail-oriented illustrator, Green’s romance comics work is characterized by wide-eyed, larger than life girls and/or young women in either danger, distress, or in some sort of emotional upheaval. He earned a Diploma in Art and for a time lived in Dundee, Scotland. Much of his work for the publisher appeared in Secrets, a romance magazine launched in 1932.

Secrets Comics were published by DC Thompson (known by that name since 1905 but first publishing under the name Charles Alexander & Co. since the latter 1800’s) and was the forerunner of the Romance Comics genera published in the United States. Similarities between its covers and those of the latter DC romance comics (no ties to DC Thompson) are striking.

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