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Best known for his work on Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man, Mark Bagley (1957 – ) began his comic career after winning first place in the Marvel Try-Out Book contest.  Beating out thousands of other entries, Bagley initially received only lackluster penciling jobs on such titles as Visionaries, backup stories in Captain America, and Marvels ultimately failed New Universe books.

Despite this not-so glamorous start, Bagley eventually landed on New Warriors which led him to The Amazing Spider-Man and, ultimately, to Marvel’s relaunch of their flagship character in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Considered the definitive Spider-Man artist for the mid-1990’s, Bagley also holds the distinctions of being the artist of Marvel’s first web-based comic and, along with writer Brian Michael Bendis, of holding the record for the longest continuous run by a single creative team on a mainstream Marvel comic series (Ultimate Spider-Man).  The previous record was held by industry legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby themselves for their run on Fantastic Four.

Bagley’s other work includes Thunderbolts, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and, at DC, Batman and Justice League of America.

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