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Kentucky native Larry Elmore (1948 – ) is one of the worlds premiere fantasy illustrators. With work appearing in video games, on novel covers, comics, both trading and customizable game cards, magazines, and, most famously, for Dragonlance and role playing games, Elmore has established a reputation for illustrating beautiful women, highly detailed fantasy scenes, and epic dragons.

He attended Western Kentucky University where he majored in art but a mere month after graduating he was drafted into the US Army. Serving in Germany, Elmore eventually returned to the US and, as a private citizen, worked for the government in the Fort Knox Training Aids Department. He soon turned to freelancing and his work appeared in such publications as National Lampoon and Heavy Metal magazines.

In 1981 Elmore joined the staff of TSR and while there went on to create many of the most famous – and fondly remembered by fans – illustrations for many of their modules, game books, calendars, posters, Dragon magazine covers, and the beloved SnarfQuest comic strip.

Elmore currently accepts contract work only on projects he wants to do, siting the untimely passing of his friend and fellow TSR artist Keith Parkinson. “We shared a studio,” Elmore said. “And we were always talking about how when we hit 50 we’d be doing our own thing. … He didn’t make it, and I was 57 and still pulling all-nighters.”

Fortunately, Elmore still releases numerous illustrations per year as his fans just can’t get enough. Indeed, in the worlds of fantasy and gaming, he is a true legend.   Much of his work – especially his contributions to TSR – has influenced modern gamers, game developers, and illustrators and inspired the imaginations of the countless legions of his fans.

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