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Born in Detroit and a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Media Arts & Film, Geoff Johns (1973 – ) is one of the most popular writers working in comics today.  Best known for his work on Green Lantern: Rebirth and Flash: Rebirth, Johns got his start in comics with Stars and S.T.R.I.P. and JSA.  He was working in Los Angeles at the time as the assistant to Richard Donner (of Superman: The Movie fame) but after four years left to begin full-time writing, beginning with a five-year run of The Flash.

His other works for DC include Action Comics, 52, Blackest Night, Silver Age Showcase, Hawkman, Batman, Brightest Day, Final Crisis: Legion of the Three Worlds, Teen Titans, and Infinite Crisis.  With the release of Superman: Brainiac, Johns became a New York Times Bestselling author.  He currently writes Aquaman for DC’s The New 52 and is the principle writer of DC’s MMO RPG game. At Marvel Johns has written X-Men comics, The Avengers, Icons: Vision, Morlocks and The Thing: Freakshow.

His film and television work includes the 2011 Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern film, the development of Blade: The Series, the fan-favorite Smallville episodes “Legion” and “Absolute Justice,” and the Justice League Unlimited episode “Ancient History.”  He served as a staff writer during season four of Robot Chicken.

Johns has won numerous awards, including three Wizard Fan Awards (two for Best Writer and the Breakout Talent Award in 2002), two Project Fanboy Awards for Best Writer, and two Spike TV Scream Awards, for Best Comic Book Writer and four CGC Writer of the Year Awards.

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