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One of the most talented illustrators in the comic industry, Brian Stelfreeze began working in comics in mid 1980’s on the miniseries CyCops. Since then, he has illustrated hundreds of covers as well as numerous interiors, trading cards and more.

Perhaps best known for his run of over 50 covers for DC’s Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Stelfreeze illustrated numerous other Batman titles such as Detective Comics, Batman Beyond, Batman Chronicles, and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight.

A by no means complete list of the other characters and titles he has illustrated includes Doc Savage, Domino, Birds of Prey, Fallen Angel, Firestorm, Final Crisis, Nightwing, Matador, and X-Men as well well as trading cards for Savage Dragon, VS System, Star Wars, and his gorgeous Wolf Man series for Topps Universal Monsters trading card set.

Stelfreeze recently served as the art director for 12 Gauge Comics, sometimes providing artwork for their The Ride and Gun Candy series’. He will soon be illustrating BOOM! Studios Day Men, a vampire noir epic Stelfreeze will both pencil and ink.

Stelfreeze is also a gracious sharer of his artistic knowledge and experience, always glad to offer advice and instruction to fans seeking to break into the industry. Such dedication and spirit of mentoring not only harkens back to other great talents of the industry who went before but it is also a reflections of Brian’s character and the dedication he has for his craft.