Jada Toys Adam West & Burt Ward ’66 TV Series Classic Batmobile Metals Diecast

One of the most famous movie and television cars of all time, the Batmobile has been depicted in numerous styles over the years.  First appearing the same issue Batman debuted, Detective Comics #27, the car at first had no special features or functions and wasn’t even called the Batmobile.  But by Detective Comics #48, the first issue the term “Batmobile” was used, the car had already begun its long history of ongoing transformation into one of the countless versions that would delight fans over the years. The most famous and iconic of them all is the 1955 Ford Futura version from the classic Batman Television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Jada Toys offers this stunning 1/24 scale rendering of the Batmobile in diecast metal with opening doors and includes non-articulated figures as well- a diecast metal Batman figure standing outside the Batmobile and a plastic Robin figure seated inside the car.  Comes new and sealed in its original excellent condition package.  It will be shipped with the utmost care. 

Price: $26.99