Signed Aaron Lopresti Dark Knight 3 The Master Race Sketch Variant

batman-the-dark-knight-iii-3-master-race-vaultcollectibles-vault-collectibles-aaron-lopresti-exclusive-sketch-variant-cover-art-dc-comics-1Featuring the epic conclusion to Frank Miller’s classic Dark Knight Returns storyline, VaultCollectibles is pleased to offer a signed copy of our exclusive Dark Knight III: The Master Race retail sketch variant cover by acclaimed comics artist Aaron Lopresti. This is DC’s very first entry into the store-exclusive variant market and we’re excited to be a part of this milestone, especially given the historical significance of The Dark Knight Returns to the comics industry.    

The original Dark Knight mini-series, one of the most consistently top ranked Batman stories ever, is credited with inspiring an entire generation of comic creators.  And its conclusion features a dream-team of top creative legends that promises to make DK3 the biggest comics event of the year, including the return of both Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.  They are joined by acclaimed writer Brian Azzarello and fan-favorite artist Andy Kubert.  

Our VaultCollectibles variant features Lopresti’s take on the classic scene from the original Dark Knight Returns where Batman, on horseback, inspires the citizens of Gotham as they face the aftermath of the nuclear generated EMP.   

Lopresti, a fan-favorite artist, has illustrated such popular characters as the X-Men, Hulk, Wonder Woman, and Superman. On Batman, he has illustrated the Caped Crusader for DC on such titles as Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, the Batgirl #38 Flash 75th Anniversary variant cover (featuring Lopresti’s cover swipe of the iconic Detective Comics #359), the New 52 Justice League International, “Batman: Year Zero” in Catwoman, as well as in Batman’s flagship title, Detective Comics.  Click here to watch our exclusive interview with Aaron at the 2015 New York Comic Con as he discusses both his cover and the influence of the original Dark Knight Returns series.

It is strictly limited to only 2,000 produced and is exclusive to  Please note- the signature is real. It is the actual, hand-signed signature of Lopresti. It is not a pre-printed image on the comic.

In stock and ready to ship, it is in nm/mint condition and will be shipped with the utmost care.  

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Price: $20.00