Jill Thompson 1:10 Dark Knight 3 The Master Race DC Variant

dark-knight-the-master-race-dc-variant-cover-art-jill-thompson-1-in-10-1Featuring the epic conclusion to Frank Miller’s classic Dark Knight Returns storyline, VaultCollectibles is pleased to offer for preorder the Dark Knight III: The Master Race 1:10 variant  by acclaimed comics artist Jill Thompson. A 1:10 variant means for every ten copies a store orders of the regular edition cover, they may order one copy of this rarer variant edition.

The original Dark Knight Returns mini-series, one of the most consistently top ranked Batman stories ever, is credited with inspiring an entire generation of comic creators.  And its conclusion features a dream-team of top creative legends that promises to make DK3 the biggest comics event of the year, including the return of both Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.  They are joined by acclaimed writer Brian Azzarello and fan-favorite artist Andy Kubert as well as a host of variant cover artists eager to contribute to this, the final Dark Knight storyline.  

This variant cover features Jill Thompson’s take on the classic scene from the original Dark Knight Returns as Batman and the new Robin, Carrie Kelley, leap into action.  Thompson, both a writer and artist, has worked for stage, film, and television and is perhaps best known for her work with Neil Gaiman on Sandman for DC’s Vertigo imprint. Other career highlights include her creator-owned Scary Godmother series as well as Swamp Thing, The Invisibles, and Wonder Woman.   

In nm/mint condition, it will be shipped with the utmost care. 

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Price: $9.99