Fred Fields Signed 1991 TSR Art Card ~ AD&D

fred-fields-tsr-AD&D-1991-gold-border-fantasy-gaming-art-card-ccg-signed-signature-autograph-warrior-1fred-fields-tsr-AD&D-1991-gold-border-fantasy-gaming-art-card-ccg-signed-signature-autograph-priest-cleric-2From the 1991 TSR trading card set (the hard-to-complete/pack-pulled/gold border cards and not the easily obtained silver border cards released in the common release factory sets).  It is signed by the artist, fan-favorite fantasy artist Fred Fields, is in nm/mint condition and will be shipped with the utmost care. Please note- the signature is real. It is the actual, hand-signed signature of Fields. It is not a pre-printed image on the card.   

Price: $16.99