The Shadow ~ OTR Blue Coal Card

the-shadow-knows-otr-old-time-radio-blue-coal-card-golden-age-of-radio-1A VaultCollectibles exclusive! This card contains an authentic specimen of Blue Coal (long-time sponsor of the Golden Age of Radio’s The Shadow adventure/detective program).  A truly rare find, the coal sample was obtained from the estate of a Glen Alden Coal Company salesman (from a sample bag given out to prospective clients). In addition to the coal fragments, the card features on its reverse side a brief history of radio program and its association with Blue Coal. The card is in mint condition and will be shipped with the utmost care. Placement and amount of coal on the card may vary slightly from image shown but the card you receive is essentially the same. Comes as shown in a screw-down display case. 

Price: $34.99