Sajad Shah Signed Sketch Book

sajad-shah-signed-comic-art-sketch-book-wolverine-x-men-1 sajad-shah-signed-comic-art-sketch-book-wolverine-x-men-2 sajad-shah-signed-comic-art-sketch-book-wolverine-x-men-spiderman-spider-man-3 sajad-shah-signed-comic-art-sketch-book-wolverine-x-men-deadpool-batman-4












This 32-page sketchbook features the work of artist Sajad Shah. It is in nm/mint condition and will be shipped with the utmost care. Please note- the signature is real. It is the actual, hand-signed signature of Shah. It is not a pre-printed image on the sketchbook. A few sample pages are shown for reference.  

Price: $24.99