Sanjulian Original Oil Painting ~ Frankenstein

sanjulian-original-art-oil-painting-universal-monsters-frankenstein-1This spectacular original oil on canvas features the main characters in Universal’s 1931 classic Frankenstein horror movie; Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein, Mae Clarke as Elizabeth, Edward Van Sloan and Doctor Waldman, Dwight Frye as Fritz and, in the center of the image, Boris Karloff as The Monster. Their iconic visages are captured in glorious black and white, just as they were originally filmed, by master painter Sanjuliain. It measures approximately 11 1/2 by 14 inches (the image itself or 13 1/2 by 17 inches including the full canvas). Please note- this is an actual, original oil painting by Sanjulian. It is not a copy, print or pre-printed image. It is a one-of-a-kind original. 

Price: $1,999.99