Batman Automobilia #19 Magazine w/ 1968 Batmobile

batman-automobilia-detective-comics-311-issue-19-batmobile-1 batman-automobilia-detective-comics-311-issue-19-batmobile-2From Eaglemoss’ hugely popular Automobilia line of Batman vehicles, this fully complete set includes the magazine and accompanying vehicle.  One of the most famous movie and television cars of all time, the Batmobile (and Batman’s other vehicles such as the Batcycle and Batboat), have been depicted in numerous styles over the years.  First appearing the same issue Batman debuted, Detective Comics #27, the car at first had no special features or functions and wasn’t even called the Batmobile.  But by Detective Comics #48, the first issue the term “Batmobile” was used, the car had already began its long history of ongoing transformation into one of countless versions that would delight fans over the years.  Eaglemoss captures some of the  most famous of these versions from not only the comics, but the television series, animated versions, and the feature films as well. This particular issue features the Batmobile from Detective Comics #371 (1968) as illustrated by legendary comics artist Gil Kane. Each vehicle in the series is a die-cast precision models and is officially authorized, hand-painted and includes an informative collectors magazine that offers specifications and history on the Bat-vehicle in question. It nm/mint condition, it comes still sealed in its original package and will be shipped with the utmost care.  

Price: $24.99