Larry Elmore Signed Dragon Magazine #116 / 1989 Snarfquest #41

dragon-magazine-signed-signature-autograph-larry-elmore-fantasy-art-tsr-dungeons-and-dragons-rpg-116-snarfquest-snarf-1 dragon-magazine-signed-signature-autograph-larry-elmore-fantasy-art-tsr-dungeons-and-dragons-rpg-116-snarfquest-snarf-2 dragon-magazine-signed-signature-autograph-larry-elmore-fantasy-art-tsr-dungeons-and-dragons-rpg-116-snarfquest-snarf-3Featuring Snarf and gang, this issue of Dragon Magazine is in fair condition with general wear but has good overall eye appeal. It is signed by hand by Larry Elmore, frequent Dragon cover artist, long-time TSR illustrator, Dragonlance cover artist and, most pertinent to this particular issue of Dragon, the creator, artist and writer of SnarfQuest. Please note- the signature is real. It is the actual, hand-signed signature of Larry Elmore. It is not a pre-printed image in the magazine.

About SnarfQuest: Beginning in Dragon Magazine #75 (1983) and running until 1989, SnarfQuest follows the adventures of Snarf, a Zeetvah, on his comic quest to become rich and famous. One of the highlights of each issue, the combination of Elmore’s artwork, his storytelling and the hilarious situations Snarf found himself in, the strip became an iconic staple of Dragon Magazine. The adventures were ultimately collected into graphic novel form and also made its way into its own card game as well as new adventures in Games Unplugged and online.  

Price: $14.99