1985 DC 50th Anniversary Honoree Bronze Medallion Medal ~ Superman Man of Steel

dc-comics-50-fiftieth-anniversary-bronze-medal-medallion-who-made-dc-great-award-1This red enameled, bronze medallion measures three inches across and features the DC logo with Superman flying across the face.  The medallion was produced in 1985 for DC Comics 50th anniversary and were given out to the fifty people named in Fifty who Made DC Great, a one-shot publication released by DC in 1985 honoring fifty industry professionals, celebrities, companies, and publishers who helped shape DC Comics (honorees included George Reeves, Adam West, Burt Ward, Alexander and Ilya Salkind, Hanna-Barbera, Linda Carter, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Bob Kane, Gardner Fox, Julius Schwartz, Carmine Infantino, Denny O’Neil, Frank Miller, and many others).

As best as can be determined, there were fifty of these medallions struck, but not all were given out simply because many of those named as honorees had already passed away by 1985.  M.C. Gains, Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Harry Donefeld, William Moulton Marston, Bud Collyer, Mort Weisinger, and many others, all died prior to 1985.  This medallion would have been given to one of them but was not, for whatever reason, presented posthumously to the honorees family. Those that were presented were inscribed on the reverse, giving the date at the top, “1985” and then the person or companies name in the center, and then below stating “For Your Contribution to DC Comics.”

This one is of course blank and is smooth bronze on its reverse side. According to our research, only one of these has made it to the secondary market for sale- and that was over ten years ago through one of the larger auction houses. With only fifty cast, this extremely rare medallion would make an excellent addition to any Superman or DC Comics fans collection.  

Price: $699.99