The Incredible Hulk Movie Prop ~ Bruce Banner Heart Rate Monitors




























These two screen used heart rate monitors were worn by actor Edward Nortan in Marvel Studio’s 2008 film The Incredible Hulk.  One was used in the Brazil scenes and the other was given to Banner by Betty Ross (Liv Tyler).  They both feature plastic bands (one silver and one grey) and were made by Polar.  Functionality is unknown, though it is possible all they require is a battery replacement to work.  Again, however, they may or may not function, new battery notwithstanding.  Includes original COA from Propworx and both feature the Propworx holographic sticker with matching number on the COA.  Used, of course, but display nicely.  A great addition to the collection of any Hulk or Marvel Cinematic Universe fan!   

Price: $499.99