Time Magazine Superman HE’S 50! March 14 1988 SIGNED John Byrne Jerry Ordway Art












Cover dated March 14, 1988, this 30+ year old issue of Time features a stunning Superman cover by John Byrne (pencils) and Jerry Ordway (inks).  When this issue was released, Byrne had recently revamped the Man of Steel for DC Comics and Ordway was illustrating The Adventures of Superman title.  Superman’s appearance in the magazine was unusual for the period and, in many ways (especially his featured appearance on the cover itself) it was a first for a publication that until that time tended to ignore popular culture in favor of highbrow content.  The 8-page story includes photos and gives a brief history of Superman’s first 50 years.  It also features an additional interior illustration by Byrne and Ordway.  The magazine is in very fine/near mint condition (great eye appeal but does have some minor wear) and it will be shipped with the utmost care.  It is signed by hand by both John Byrne and Jerry Ordway.  Please note- the signatures are real.  They are the actual, hand-signed signatures of both Byrne and Ordway.  They are not pre-printed images on the cover.   

Price: $149.99