Adventure Comics #280 CGC SS 6.5 Signed by Ramona Fradon

Featuring the first meeting between Lori Lemaris and Superboy (with story by Superman creator Jerry Siegel and legendary Superman artist Curt Sway), this copy of Adventure Comics #280 (January, 1961) also features an Aquaman and Aqualad backup story with art by Ramona Fradon (the co-creator of Aqualad, who debuted in Adventure Comics #269- not quite a year prior to the release of this issue).  The issue is signed by hand by Fradon, who also drew a word bubble with the text “But I really love Aqualad,” a humorous reference as both she and Aqualad are Atlantean.  It is professionally graded by CGC and part of their special Signature Series.  With Signature Series books a certified witness, employed by CGC, actually observes the signing of the comic and then immediately takes possession of the book so there is no possibility of the real autograph being switched out with another. It will be shipped with the utmost care.  

Price: $199.99