CGC SS 9.6 Wonder Woman #283 Signed by George Perez Paul Levitz & Joe Staton

Wonder Woman #283 (9/81) featured the very first Wonder Woman illustration by George Perez.  Penciling the cover (with Dick Giordano inks), Perez would go on to become the defining Wonder Woman artist of the modern age, penciling and eventually writing the relaunch of the series in February of 1987 (a series he worked for five years).  Ultimately, with the exception of the New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman would become the character Perez is most closely associated with.  The comic is also signed by Paul Levitz and Joe Staton, the writer and artist, respectively, of the issues Huntress backup story (Levitz and Staton co-created the Huntress a few years prior to the release of this issue). Professionally graded by CGC a 9.6 with white pages, this copy is part of their special Signature Series.  With Signature Series, a certified Witness takes possession of the book immediately after the signing to there is no possibility of counterfeit signatures.  

Price: $259.99