Justice League of America #50 Original Art Mark Bagley Double Page Splash

This stunning double-page splash is from Justice League of America #50 (December 2010) and features the first part of the DC “JLA Omega” storyline – a DC multiverse story – where the Crime Syndicate attack first the Tangent world and then move on to Earth 1.  A great page with the Batman, Supergirl, the Green Lantern from the Tangent universe, Jade, Captain Marvel / Shazam family, and more.  Features story by James Robinson and pencils by Mark Bagley with inks by Norm Rapmund.  It measures approximately 22 by 17 inches (it is two approximately 11 by 17 inch pages).  In excellent and undisplayed condition, it will be shipped with the utmost care.  The cover to the comic this page appears in – as well as the finished page as it appears in the published comic – is shown for reference but please note it is not included with purchase.  Again, it is shown for reference only- purchase includes the original artwork only.    

Price: $999.99