William Shatner Signed Star Trek Ashes of Eden Original Art Page

Measuring approximately 11 by 17 inches, this page, from Star Trek: Ashes of Eden, features the work of Steve Erwin (pencils) and Jimmy Palmiotti (inks). The story, released in 1995, is by William Shatner himself and is, in fact, the first Star Trek story he ever created (it was originally written by Shatner in novel form in collaboration with best-selling Star Trek authors Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens… this is the graphic adaptation – released by DC Comics – of the novel). 

The first in a trilogy of novels, Ashes of Eden ultimately spawned two follow-up series’ (comprising six books) and a final novel, Collision Course, which was to have been the first in the Academy series. Collectively, these ten novels are referred to as the “Shatnerverse” series of Star Trek novels. Of note, Ashes of Eden is the only story to have been adapted in graphic novel form. 

Having portrayed Captain Kirk through four decades at that point, Shatner brought to the book his unique understanding of the character – from actor, writer, director and producer – to tell the story of one one of Kirk’s greatest adventures.  The page, from early in the story (page 8) features Kirk with Carol Marcus. It is in excellent condition and will be shipped with the utmost care.  It is also signed by hand by not only the artist and inker – Steve Erwin and Jimmy Palmiotti – but also by William Shatner himself. Please note- this is an actual, original piece of art illustrated by hand by Steve Erwin and inked by Jimmy Palmiotti. It is not a copy, print or pre-printed image. It is a one-of-a-kind original art page and is autographed by hand by Shatner, Erwin, and Palmiotti.

Every so often an original Star Trek comic art page turns up that is signed by Shatner- but for interested collectors, this is the only Star Trek story in comic form actually created by the man who brought Captain Kirk to life! Please note, cover to the graphic novel as well as the final, colored page as it appears in the book is shown for reference but is not included. The item for sale is the original artwork only.  

Price: $499.99