Star Trek TOS #49 Original Art ~ 1st Comic Story Appearance of Gary Seven Page #7

The last episode of season two of the original Star Trek Series, entitled Assignment Earth (air date March 29, 1968) was intended as not only an episode of the regular Star Trek series but also as a backdoor pilot for a new series Gene Roddenberry hoped to produce for the network. Ultimately, it wasn’t picked up and the Gary Seven character (a futuristic “James Bond” with a suspiciously familiar sonic screwdriver-like device… the Doctor Who sonic screwdriver was introduced to UK viewers just a scant 13 days before Assignment Earth aired) and his “cat” Isis were never heard from again… until a quarter century later in DC’s Star Trek comic series.

In issue #49, Gary Seven and Isis made their comic debut, returning to aid the crew of the Starship Enterprise once again as the Federation dangerously considers the idea of employing protomatter weapons. Star Trek #50 concluded the story began in issue #49 (written by Howard Weinstein, with pencils by Rod Whigham and inks by Arne Starr and Carlos Garzon) and was a giant-sized anniversary issue and featured the main portion and conclusion of the story. Gary Seven and Isis would go on to appear in other Star Trek comics (most notably the IDW John Byrne series), in Star Trek novels, and in fan fiction. The page, which features Kirk, Spock, and Bones discussing the ethics and dangers of protomatter, measures approximately 11 by 17 inches, is in excellent condition and will be shipped with the utmost care. It is signed by Whigham.  

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