John Byrne Original Art Page ~ Star Trek Crew #1 Page 16

Dedicated to the memory of Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Star Trek: Crew is a 2009 five-part mini-series from IDW that recounts the early career of Number One (brought to life by Mrs. Roddenberry in Star Trek’s pilot episode “The Cage”). Illustrated and written by comics legend (and Star Trek fan) John Byrne, this page from issue #1 measures approximately 11 by 18 inches, is in excellent condition, and will be shipped with the utmost care. It is signed by hand by Byrne.  Number One appears on the page – onboard a new and unnamed Constitution Class starships on its shakedown voyage (the ship that will eventually be commissioned the USS Enterprise, NCC 1701…) and the page also includes a great shot of original series Klingon’s and the Enterprise pursuing a Klingon Battle Cruiser.  It is later revealed that the ship will be commissioned the Enterprise, NCC-1701… The final, colored image as it appears in the comic is shown for reference but the comic is not included in with the listing.  The listing is for the original artwork only.   

Price: $399.99