Keith Giffen Signed Ambush Bug Art Print

Measuring approximately 11 by 17 inches, this art print features the work of legendary comics illustrator and Ambush Bug creator Keith Giffen. Ambush Bug has appeared in three of his own mini-series’ as well as made infrequent guest appearances in other titles ever since his creation by Giffen in 1982. His delusional behavior, his awareness that he is in a comic book, and the hilarity that ensues has made the character a favorite amongst fans and even comic creators who occasionally work Ambush Bug cameos into their own stories.  In nm/mint condition, the print will be shipped with the utmost care. It is also signed by the inker, Michelle Delecki. Please note- the signatures are real. They are the actual, hand-signed signatures of Giffen and Delecki. They are not pre-printed images on the print.   

Price: $25.99