Dick Kulpa Signed w/ Original Art Sketch Star Trek The Complete Newspaper Comics Vol. 2

uss-enterprise-original-art-sketch-star-trek-newspaper-comics-volume-two-dick-kulpa-original-art-sketch-signed-1 uss-enterprise-original-art-sketch-star-trek-newspaper-comics-volume-two-dick-kulpa-original-art-sketch-signed-3 uss-enterprise-original-art-sketch-star-trek-newspaper-comics-volume-two-dick-kulpa-original-art-sketch-signed-2Dick Kulpa (1953 – ) is best known for his work on Cracked, Weekly World News, and his work on both the Star Trek and Bruce Lee newspaper comic strips in the mid 1980’s. This hardback includes 245 pages, is in good condition (dust jacket has some wear, including a small tear on back bottom corner), and will be shipped with the utmost care. It is signed by Kulpa and also features an original, hand-drawn sketch of the Enterprise by Kulpa.  Please note- the signature and sketch are real. They are the actual, hand-signed signature and hand-drawn sketch of Kulpa. They are not pre-printed images in the book. Second printing hardback.

Price: $259.99