Mike McKone Signed Spideman & Spider Gwen Stacy Art Print w/ Original Sketch

mike-mckone-remarqued-signed-art-print-original-sketch-spider-man-spiderman-gwen-stacy-2Measuring 11 by 17 inches, this stunning print features the work of fan-favorite illustrator Mike McKone. It is in nm/mint and undisplayed condition and will be shipped with the utmost care. McKone is perhaps best known for his work on Marvel’s Exiles. His other work includes Superman, Detective Comics, Teen Titans and both the JLA and JLI for DC as well as other Marvel Work, including X-Men, Thor, Avengers Academy, Punisher War Zone, Fantastic Four, and The Amazing Spider-Man.  Please note- the signature and the sketch are real. They are the actual, hand-signed signature and hand-drawn artwork of McKone. They are not pre-printed images on the print.  

Price: $49.99