Matthew Clark Original Arkham Knight ~ Batgirl

matthew-clark-signed-batman-batgirl-original-art-2From the Batgirl and Harley Quinn story in Batman Arkham Knight: Batgirl & Harley Quinn #1, Barbara Gordon struggles with her role as Gotham City’s newest masked avenger, while Arkham Asylum’s Dr. Harleen Quinzel battles her own inner demons as her criminal career as Harley Quinn is just beginning. The page features the two facing off against each other, with Harley’s hammer coming down in the foreground.  Written by Tim Seeley, with art by Matthew Clark, Wade von Grawbadger and Sean Parsons. This particular splash page features Batgirl. Please note- this is the actual, original artwork by Clark and inked by hand by Sean Parsons. It is not a copy, print or pre-printed image. It is a one-of-a-kind original. It is signed by hand by both Clark and Parsons.   

Price: $359.99