Star Trek Legion of Super Heroes #5 Splash Page Set ~ Flint & Vandal Savage

star-trek-legion-of-super-heroes-dc-idw-original-art-splash-page-flint-requiem-for-methuselah-tos-1 star-trek-legion-of-super-heroes-dc-idw-original-art-splash-page-vandal-savage-flash-cw-tos-Featuring Flint (the immoral from the Star Trek The Original Series episode “Requiem for Methuselah” and Vandal Savage (DC’s resident immortal and originally a Green Lantern villain, now appearing on the CW Network’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), this original art page set features the work of Jeffrey Moy (pencils), Philip Moy (inks) with story by Chris Roberson.  The pages are the two primary splash pages from Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes #5  from 2011 that divulge the origins of the two characters, both of whom play important parts in the story.   

Star Trek comic crossovers have proven both successful and popular with other franchises, having teamed up with not only the Legion, but Marvel’s X-Men, the BBC’s Doctor Who, DC’s Green Lantern Corps, as well as another popular sci-fi series, Planet of the Apes.  Both pages (page #5, featuring Flint, and page #7, featuring Vandal Savage) measure 11 by 17 inches each, are both signed by hand by all three creators, Jeffrey Moy, Philip Moy, and Chris Roberson, and are in excellent and undisplayed condition. They will be shipped with the utmost care.  

Price: $399.99