CGC SS 9.8 Signed Kevin Maguire ~ Justice League #3 Logo Variant

justice-league-test-cover-3-logo-variant-jla-kevin-maguire-cgc-ss-signature-series-singed-captain-marvel-shazam-batman-1 justice-league-test-cover-3-logo-variant-jla-kevin-maguire-cgc-ss-signature-series-singed-captain-marvel-shazam-batman-2Distributed only to select markets, this “Superman Comics” logo variant (the new Man of Steel logo replacing the DC bullet) was a marketing experiment by DC Comics in their effort to sell more comics to younger readers through the newsstand market. While we are unable to confirm, apparently the logo variants were only released in select California areas and an estimated 5,000 copies were printed.  DC only released two comics featuring this logo; this Justice League and The Fury of Firestorm #61.

The Justice League series itself (soon become Justice League International)  was nominated for a Harvey Award (Best New Series) in 1988 and its strong writing by J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen, solid and expressive artwork by Kevin Maguire, and its comedic tone all combined to make the series an instant hit with fans.  As of this writing, only 33 copies have been graded by CGC at 9.8 and only four of those copies are Signature Series (factoring in five lower grade copies, there are only nine Signature Series in all).  This copy is signed by Kevin Maguire and has white pages. The case is scratch and defect free and will be shipped with the utmost care.  

Price: $400.00