Stargate Atlantis TV Prop ~ John Sheppard Name Plate & Patch Set


Actor Joe Flanigan as John Sheppard in dress uniform.


Actor Joe Flanigan as John Sheppard in flight suit.

john-sheppard-name-tags-nametag-stargate-star-gate-sg-1-sg1-screen-used-movie-prop-tv-television-1 john-sheppard-name-tags-nametag-stargate-star-gate-sg-1-sg1-screen-used-movie-prop-tv-television-2 john-sheppard-name-tags-nametag-stargate-star-gate-sg-1-sg1-screen-used-movie-prop-tv-television-3Created for Stargate Atlantis, this lot includes two patches and two name plates and are screen used, worn by actor Joe Flanigan as he portrayed John Sheppard.  They are in excellent condition, come with their original Certificate of Authenticity (COA), and will be shipped with the utmost care.  

Price: $1,000.00