Jim Lee BlueLine Batman Action Figure w/ Original Harley Quinn Art Sketch

jim-lee-sdcc-exclusive-original-art-sketch-edition-batman-action-figure-harley-quinn-45-50-3 jim-lee-sdcc-exclusive-original-art-sketch-edition-batman-action-figure-harley-quinn-45-50-1 jim-lee-sdcc-exclusive-original-art-sketch-edition-batman-action-figure-harley-quinn-45-50-2Vault Collectibles is pleased to offer one of the 2015 San Diego Comic Con International’s most sought-after and difficult to obtain exclusives- the Jim Lee inspired BlueLine Batman action figure.  This limited edition version of the figure features an original art sketch of Harley Quinn.  Only 150 were made, with 50 each featuring an original art sketch by Jim Lee of either Batman, the Joker, or Harley Quinn.  One of the most limited Batman action figure editions ever made, this particular figure features Harley Quinn and is individually numbered #49/50. Further, it is one of the few that features color (with Harley’s eyes, lips, and hair hand-colored by Lee). Please note- the sketch and signature are real- drawn, colored and signed by hand by Jim Lee.  

Price: $1,499.99