Joe Kubert Enemy Ace IDW / DC Comics Artist Edition + Signature

enemy-ace-artist-artifact-edition-joe-kubert-comic-art-12Reimagining the popular war stories that filled the pages of comic books throughout the 1950’ and 1960’s, Joe Kubert’s Enemy Ace made an unlikely hero into a genre icon. The classic tales of airborne suspense that first thrilled readers over 50 years ago now return in Joe Kubert Enemy Ace: Artist’s Edition. Created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert in 1968 as an alternate take on the highly successful war-based comics, Enemy Ace introduced a hero that by all superficial definitions was a villain. A high-flying pilot for the Germans, Hans von Hammer was a star soldier but morally conflicted by the duties that his role demanded. This oversized hardback lavishly presents five entire issues of the decorated DC Comics series Star Spangled War Stories, including #139, 140, 141, 142 144. Scanned directly from the original art, this complete collection will also feature bonus material like covers and promos. At over 150 pages, the Artist’s Edition measures at 12” x 17”. A stunning addition to the collection of any DC war comics or Joe Kubert fan! Comes in original and unopened box. Also comes with an actual, hand-signed signature of Joe Kubert himself.  Signed on a blank business card in black Sharpie.

Price: $159.99