Multi-Signed Batman A Celebration of 75 Years Hardback

batman-75th-anniversary-hardback-celebration-signed-signature-autograph-alan-davis-mike-barr-denny-oneil-tom-palmer-greg-capullo-kelley-jones-1In nm/mint and unread condition this Batman: A Celebration of 75 Years hardback pays tribute to the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight and is signed by hand by seven contributing comic creators whose work appears in the book.  A special collection of some of the Batman’s greatest stories over the last 75 years, it is signed by Denny O’Neil, Michael Golden Alan Davis, Kelley Jones, Greg Capullo, Mike Barr, and Tom Palmer. Please note- the signatures are all real. They are the actual, hand-signed signatures of the comic creators stated. They are not pre-printed images in the book.  

Price: $79.99