First Copy Stan Lee Signed! Amazing Spiderman #1 CGC SS 9.8

amazing-spiderman-spider-man-1-cgc-ss-signed-stan-lee-first-day-issue-of-release-alex-ross-sketch-variant-1-art-1 amazing-spiderman-spider-man-1-cgc-ss-signed-stan-lee-first-day-issue-of-release-alex-ross-sketch-variant-1-art-2This 1:300 Alex Ross Sketch variant copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is the very first copy of this issue autographed by Stan Lee.  Of the dozens of different variants available, of all the regular edition copies, of the blank sketch covers, of the various Wizard World Con covers… this was the very first copy of any of those various editions of Amazing Spider-Man #1 that Stan Lee autographed.

“First Copy as Signed -” was hand-written onto the cover by Lee and then Lee’s autograph appears below the writing, it is also noted on the CGC label as the First Copy. This copy is of course also part of the premier singing event that took place on April 30, 2014.  The release date of both the issue itself at comic shops and Spider-Man II in theaters, the comic features the exclusive “First Day of Issue Release” CGC label. Not only signed by the creator of Spider-man, the book is also autographed by issue artist Humberto Ramos, inker Victor Olazaba, and colorist Edgar Delgado.

A 9.8, from the First Day Issue Release exclusive event signing, extremely limited (for every 300 regular copies a retailer purchased the retailer was allowed to purchase one copy of this variant), and the very first copy Stan Lee took in his hands to autograph (the hands that wrote the stories introducing so many of Marvel’s greatest characters), this copy stands at the pinnacle of all possible versions of this book.  

Price: $3,999.99