1st Day Issue Exclusive! CGC SS 9.8 Amazing Spiderman #1 Alex Ross Variant

amazing-spiderman-spider-man-cgc-ss-stan-lee-signed-humberto-ramos-variant-return-of-peter-parker-first-day-issue-fdi-release-alex-ross-cover-1 amazing-spiderman-spider-man-cgc-ss-stan-lee-signed-humberto-ramos-variant-return-of-peter-parker-first-day-issue-fdi-release-alex-ross-cover-2Concluding the sage of the Superior Spiderman and the return of Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is the biggest comics event of 2014. This Alex Ross cover is a special 1:75 variant edition (for every 75 copies a retailer ordered they would receive one copy of this special variant). Autographed at the exclusive premier singing on the release date of both the issue itself and Amazing Spider-Man II, the comic features a special CGC label and is also part of their special Signature Series. It is signed by not only the creator of Spider-man himself, Stan Lee, but also artist Humberto Ramos, inker Victor Olazaba, and colorist Edgar Delgado. The CGC label further notes “on 4/30/14 on 1st Day of Issue Release.”    

Price: $999.99