Denny O’Neil Signed CGC SS 9.6 The Shadow #2

cgc-ss-signed-autograph-signature-9.8-denny-o'neil-the-shadow-issue-2-bronze-age-michael-w-kaluta-cover-and-art-1cgc-ss-signed-autograph-signature-9.8-denny-o'neil-the-shadow-issue-2-bronze-age-michael-w-kaluta-cover-and-art-2The first true-to-the-original comic series to feature the Shadow after the Golden Age run came to an end in 1949, DC’s critically acclaimed 12 issues resurrected the Shadow as an amalgamation of the pulp, comic, radio and film versions yet somehow managed to remain fateful to Shadow creator Walter Gibson’s original vision.  Featuring stories by Denny O’Neil and, for the fist few issues, artwork by Michael W. Kaluta, the series introduced the Shadow, who had never been darker or more menacing, to a new generation of fans.

O’Neil, fortunately, refused editorial directives to modernize the character. His stories, and the stunning covers and beautiful interior artwork by Kaluta (whose work perfectly complemented the stories’ atmosphere with amazing attention to detail) were a perfect blend of the written word and visual action.  Kaluta, however, left regular penciling duties on the book after issue #4 and fans, disappointed at this departure, lost interest which ultimately led to the books cancellation in 1975. O’Neil greatly enjoyed writing the series- and this shines through to readers – and Kaluta’s Shadow covers are among the most iconic examples of comic art from the Bronze Age.

This copy of The Shadow #2 from 1974 is signed by hand by O’Neil.  It is professionally graded by CGC and is part of their special Signature Series.  With Signature Series books a certified witness, employed by CGC, actually observes the signing of the comic and then immediately takes possession of the book so there is no possibility of the real autograph being switched out with another.  The CGC case itself is defect free.  Book will be shipped with the utmost care. 

Price: $199.99 SOLD