Aaron Lopresti 2013 Signed Sketches Art Sketch Book

aaron-lopresti-signed-signature-autograph-art-sketch-book-sketchbook-1 aaron-lopresti-signed-signature-autograph-art-sketch-book-sketchbook-2 aaron-lopresti-signed-signature-autograph-art-sketch-book-sketchbook-3 aaron-lopresti-signed-signature-autograph-art-sketch-book-sketchbook-4 aaron-lopresti-signed-signature-autograph-art-sketch-book-sketchbook-5 aaron-lopresti-signed-signature-autograph-art-sketch-book-sketchbook-6Featuring 24 pages, this sketchbook is limited to only 500 produced, is individually numbered (number you receive may vary from one pictured) and is signed by hand by the artist, Aaron Lopresti. Please note- the signature is real. It is not a pre-printed image in the book. A few sample pages are shown for reference. It is in excellent/unread condition and will be shipped with the utmost care. 

Price: $24.99